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Considerable research has gone into developing a feed enzyme (FE) for ruminants, yet no true enzyme product has been successfully marketed to date.   This is because a) there was no adequate testing system to screen the wide array of available enzymes; b) the only way to supplement enzymes was in a liquid format which severely limited usefulness; and c) the available enzymes have all been developed for other industries and do not have the specific characteristics needed to aid in ruminant animal performance.  This project will use a newly developed screening method to formulate a dry FE specifically designed for ruminants. 

The project will result in the development and commercialization of a fibrolytic enzyme based feed additive for ruminants. The product is designed to enhance fiber digestibility in cattle and feed efficiency. Use of an FE will improve fiber digestion by 5% which is sufficient to increase feed conversion ratio by 6% in feedlot cattle or increase milk production by 2 kg/day. Improvement in fiber digestion will also reduce manure output by 10%.